Growing up under siege: „War Childhood“ by Jasminko Halilović

Doris Pack talks about the Book „War Childhood“ by Jasminko Halilovic

European Parliamentary Research Service Blog

By MEP Doris Gisela Pack (DE/EPP)

What was it like to grow up in a Sarajevo under siege? Now that we are some years on from the terrible events of the early nineties, I thought it was time for some reflection. In cooperation with Mr Dino Elezović of the Sarajevo Canton – Regional Representation in Brussels, I invited author Jasminko Halilović and other contributors, to read from „War Childhood: Sarajevo 1992–1995(„Djetinjstvo u ratu) at the Library of the European Parliament on 28 May.

We can probably all remember the siege of Sarajevo, which lasted 1,452 days (the longest siege in modern history), where more than 11,500 civilians lost their lives. Daily life continued under very difficult conditions, and tens of thousands of children grew up deprived of their freedom. When I first saw this book, I was struck by how very positive it is – it could…

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